Our 50th Celebration at Resurgence Brewing Co.

There are many people to thank for celebrating 50 YEARS with us and we have to start with the team at RESURGENCE BREWING CO.

RESURGENCE BREWING CO. is well known for its contributions to the “resurgence” of Buffalo, as well as its top-notch innovative beer. However, just as impressive is its support for the Buffalo Niagara Region.

The owners graciously allowed LNYBN to host our event at RESURGENCE BREWING CO., donating the space along with a considerable amount of time, manpower & craft beer.

THANK YOU to BRANDON WOODCOCK, Manager, and JEFF WARE, the company’s President, for working with us and continually supporting our efforts to making a difference in literacy rates in WNY.

JEFF has said that he wanted to make RESURGENCE BREWING CO. a part of our community, to help it grow, so that everyone benefits. We think he and his team are doing just that!


If you haven’t done so already, we highly recommend sampling one (or more) of the well-crafted brews at RESURGENCE BREWING CO. Head Brewer, DAVE COLLINS, makes a mean Saison!


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