Becoming a Literacy Volunteer Tutor

The first step to becoming a Literacy Volunteer Tutor is to understand just what type of volunteer opportunity this is. Our program is very different than other volunteer programs out there. It takes commitment, dedication, communication and consistency. It is not a volunteer opportunity where you show up for a day, do your part, and go home. It is an ongoing commitment that takes time and thought.

Prior to applying to become a Literacy Volunteer Tutor please review the requirements of becoming a tutor to ensure this is something you truly are interested in. If these requirements are feasible your next step would be submit a Literacy Volunteer Tutor Application. Please make sure this is filled out completely. After the application is reviewed by our staff, you will be notified if you have been accepted as a tutor. If accepted, your next step will be to begin your tutor training workshops.


Tutor Training Workshops

Option 1 – Face-to-Face Workshops

Our face-to-face tutor training consists of four separate workshops, 3-hours each, for a total of 12 hours of initial training.  All workshops are typically held on Saturday mornings at the Central Library downtown.   The workshops consist of the following:

  • Orientation – Here you will learn about LNYBN, how tutoring works and how you will be involved
  • Basic Literacy 1 & 2 or English Language Learning 1 & 2 – During these two workshops, you will learn background information about working with adult learners and then strategies to build their individual skills in reading, writing or English.
  • Successful Tutoring – In this final session, you will learn about goal setting, lesson planning, available resources and reporting requirements.


Option 2 – Intake to Outcomes Online Tutor Training

For this option, we utilize a combination of face-to-face meetings and online workshops.  First, a potential tutor would attend a Pre-Training Information Session (2 hours long).  During this information session, you will hear about the history of our organization, the needs in the community, how to navigate the online training and how tutoring works.  You will then be provided information to access the online, “Intake to Outcomes”, tutor training platform.  You will be given a set amount of time (approximately 2-3 weeks) to complete the online training.  Tutors will be assigned either Basic Literacy or English Language Learner training curriculum based on the current students waiting for services.   The online training takes approximately 8-10 hours to complete and is done in a combination of reading, listening to voice-overs and watching videos of students and tutors performing various strategies.  Once complete, tutors will then attend a Post-Training Session (2 hours long) to discuss goal setting, lesson planning, available resources and reporting requirements.


Once your training is completed, a staff member will contact you with your learner’s information.  Once you have your learner’s information you will be expected to call the learner, within a reasonable time period, to set up your first meeting and to continue meeting on a consistent basis, at least 2 hours per week, for one year.


*Face-to-face sessions are tentatively held in the Fall (September/October) and Winter (January/February).  The online training is utilized during the months we are not offering a face-to-face workshop series.