Other Volunteer Opportunities

In addition to our traditional one-on-one tutoring program for adults, we are often in need of some tutoring in other areas. Please take note of the programs, requirements and expectations.

If accepted as a volunteer, you will have a chance to discuss these options with our staff during your Orientation session. Learn more about becoming a volunteer.


We work closely with the Buffalo Public Schools Adult Education Department who provides classroom instruction for ABE (adult basic education), GED and ESL. We have been contacted by several teachers who are looking for a tutor or two to come to their class and provide extra one-on-one support to those struggling. Material is provided, little planning required. Some classes meet Monday – Friday 8:30am-11:30am and the other class meets Monday – Friday 12pm-3pm. Locations include West side, East side, North Buffalo and Lackawanna.


  • Complete Basic Literacy or ELL tutor training track (depending on class type)
  • Be comfortable with your teaching/tutoring abilities to work with students in this setting
  • Attend class  for at least 2 hours per week – it would be best to pick a consistent day to go on a weekly basis


    LV Drop-In Centers

    Our Drop-In Centers are designed to accommodate services for students currently on the waiting list to receive a one-on-one tutor. We have several drop-in centers around the city and suburbs but are currently seeking help at our Central Library location that meets  Saturdays 10am-1pm.


    • Complete Basic Literacy OR ELL tutor training track
    • Attend at least one of the sessions on a weekly basis
    • Meet separately with Associate Executive Director to talk about program logistics

    Fundraising Committee

    One of the main sources of funding for Literacy New York Buffalo-Niagara is fundraising. We are always looking for enthusiastic people to help on our fundraising committee which focuses on several fundraising efforts throughout the year.


    • Separate interview with Director of Development and Marketing
    • Monthly committee meetings